Garments of the Moon

Find Sentinel Shaya and heal her wounds using Lesser Heal (Rank 2). Afterwards, grant her Power Word: Fortitude and then return to Laurna Morninglight in Dolanaar.

I need your help, <Name>. I am needed here to train the other students, but you, you can help one of our injured Sentinels just south of Dolanaar. She was hurt patrolling the town and could use our aid. Her name is Shaya. When you find her, heal her wounds, and then fortify her body with your spells. This will at least protect her from harm longer if she finds trouble. Return to me here after you've done your duty to Elune.


Our spells of Fortify are very powerful, <Name>. They allow our companions to take further injury from all types of attacks and survive in situations where they would normally fall. But this is nothing when compared to our abilities to heal. There are no greater healers than a priest--do well to remember that. Your power alone can turn the tides of battle easily.

You have done well and you have served Elune. For that, I thank you. Please, take this robe as a token of my thanks. It signifies you have earned your place among our order. If you wish, wear it with pride, but either way, we will always recognize you as one of our own. Go with Elune, <Name>, and thank you.


You will also get these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 250 experience