Putting the Hertz: The Valley of Lost Hope

Kibli Killohertz wants you to kill 50 Bombardment Infantry, 20 Gargoyle Ambushers, 12 Frostbrood Sentries and 12 Scourge War Machines.

The fight goes on! Your new orders arrived for a long-range bombing mission through the Bombardment and into the Valley of Lost Hope -- when you're ready, ask Karen for a bomber and pour those bombs and rockets onto the Scourge!



Keep at the, <Name>. The air battle won't win itself!

Welcome back, <Name>. How was the battle? Exciting? Take a rest for now. But come back when you have fresh orders. For the Alliance!

You will receive:

14 Gold
80 Silver
31 Gold
33 Silver
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 27550 experience