No Rest For The Wicked

Koltira, aboard Orgrim's Hammer, wants you to slay Alumeth the Ascended at Aldur'thar.

It's Alumeth... He's growing in power again. I can sense it. Again his underlings are channeling power to his soul. If he's allowed to rest, their efforts will soon transform him into a mighty adversary. Return to his chamber in the north portion of Aldur'thar. Combine his heart, skull, scepter and robes, then use his remains on the crystal there. Hurry, <Race>! Destroy him while there's still time!



Well, friend? Were you successful against Alumeth?

Alumeth has suffered a sound defeat, but I sense that his spirit still lingers...

You will receive:

22 Gold
20 Silver
42 Gold
6 Silver
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 33100 experience