Now This is Ram Racing... Almost.

You have 4 minutes to ride the ram and maintain 3 different levels of speed for 8 seconds.

So you want to check out the racing rams? The dwarves think they have got a handle on it, but let's be honest, they are drunk most of the time, so how hard can it really be? Now before I let you strut your stuff, you'll need to show me that you can handle these fine, legally obtained creatures. So here's the deal: I'll lend you some racing reins and the use of a ram. You need to prove to me that you can handle using these rams. Keep the ram at a trot, canter and gallop for 8 seconds each.


Have you got a handle on riding racing rams?

Hey, that wasn't too bad... are you sure you're not a dwarf? So there's plenty more racing to be had and it's not just from me. All over the Brewfest grounds you'll find people in need of a decent ram racer. So go and make yourself useful. Oh and don't forget, these rams were legally obtained. I just want to make sure we're clear.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: