Two Wrongs...

Mage-Lieutenant Malister at Westguard Keep has tasked you with the destruction of 3 Proto-Drakes.

Now that we've riled up these Ember Clutch proto-drakes, they may be inclined to continue their attacks upon the keep. This will not do. I hate to compound one wrong with another, but in this case it would appear that we will have to destroy the creatures. A regrettable course of action, but one that we need to undertake regardless. Take my wand. I've been experimenting with increasing its range, but it doesn't pack much of a punch. However, what it will do is get a proto-drake's attention.



It is unfortunate that the captain had to have you go rile up the proto-drakes. Though they seem to lack the intelligence of some of the dragons we know, they still seem to be noble creatures. Not to mention the situation it places us in. Dare I ask if you have dealt with the situation?

<The mage-lieutenant sighs.> Unfortunate business to be certain. Well, what's done is done. With any luck the new whelps that grow to be drakes at Ember Clutch will not retain a memory of our shameful actions therein. And with a bit more luck, the boundaries of that magical forest will not continue to spread. Here, <Name>, please take this pittance from the treasury for all of your troubles. It's the least that we can do.


You will also receive:

4 Gold
70 Silver
7 Gold
10 Silver
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 4000 experience
  • 250 reputation with Valiance Expedition