There and Back Again

Get a keg from Flynn Firebrew in Kharanos and return it to Pol Amberstill. Do this 3 times before your ram goes away.

So you want to help out at Brewfest? I've got the perfect task for ya. I'll put you on one of my racing rams and you head down to Kharanos. I've got some kegs I need to pick up. Flynn Firebrew is waiting on a hill near a stack of kegs. He'll toss you a keg when you get near, then you run the keg back here and toss the keg to Pol Amberstill. You can only carry one at a time. Ready?


I need those kegs! So, what are yeh waitin' for!?!

Thanks a lot for your help! As long as Brewfest is going and the Dark Iron Dwarves are attacking, I'll need some help shipping kegs. So if you want to work for more tickets, talk to me every day. But enough about that, I need to pay you for the job you just did. Here are your tickets, have fun at Brewfest!


You will also get these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: