Master of Elixirs

Go to the Black Morass in the Caverns of Time and obtain 10 Essences of Infinity from Rift Lords and Rift Keepers. Bring these along with 5 Elixirs of Major Defense, 5 Elixirs of Mastery and 5 Elixirs of Major Agility to Lorokeem in Shattrath's Lower City. *WARNING!* You can only select one alchemy specialization.

I've devoted my life to perfecting my elixirs. Despite my success, I haven't been able to create an elixir of eternal life. I think I know the reagent I'm missing. I've heard of a place called the Caverns of Time in Azeroth where intruders known as rift lords and rift keepers phase in and out of the timeline. This intrusive time-shifting creates tears in time itself, twisting it infinitely into crystallized essences. Bring these to me along with samples of your work and I'll teach you all I know.

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    Profession - Alchemy

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The essences! Do you have them?

You are very good with elixirs, if these are any indication. You will make a fine student. These essences will provide me enough materials to formulate my recipe. I will be known among all alchemists for this discovery! Now, if you're willing to learn, I am willing to teach.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2550 experience
  • 250 reputation with Lower City
Quest Item Drops