Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet

Icon for Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet

Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet

Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet

Item Level 219

Binds when picked up



1886 Armor

+97 Strength

+120 Stamina

Meta Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus: +8 Strength

Durability 100 / 100


Requires Level 80

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 55.

Equip: Improves armor penetration rating by 62.

Siegebreaker Battlegear (0/5)

  Valorous Siegebreaker Battleplate

  Valorous Siegebreaker Gauntlets

  Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet

  Valorous Siegebreaker Legplates

  Valorous Siegebreaker Shoulderplates

(2) Set: Heroic Strike and Slam critical strikes have a chance to grant you 150 haste rating for 5 seconds.

(4) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst by 10%.