Heroes' Redemption Breastplate

Icon for Heroes' Redemption Breastplate

Heroes' Redemption Breastplate

Heroes' Redemption Breastplate

Item Level 200

Binds when picked up



2241 Armor

+89 Strength

+111 Stamina

Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +6 Block Rating

Durability 165 / 165


Requires Level 80

Equip: Increases defense rating by 38.

Equip: Increases your shield block rating by 47.

Equip: Increases the block value of your shield by 117.

Redemption Plate (0/5)

  Heroes' Redemption Breastplate

  Heroes' Redemption Handguards

  Heroes' Redemption Faceguard

  Heroes' Redemption Legguards

  Heroes' Redemption Shoulderguards

(2) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Hammer of the Righteous by 10%.

(4) Set: Increases the duration of your Divine Shield and Divine Protection by 3.