Contact from Dalaran

Bring Alturus's Report to Archmage Cedric in the outskirts of Dalaran.

These signs do not bode well for us, $N. I've never been one for secrecy so I will tell you a bit about my organization, the Violet Eye.$B$BWe are agents of the Kirin Tor, the Magus Senate of Dalaran. We were assigned to keep an eye on Karazhan and Medivh, in case things got out of hand.$B$BWhich they did... very quickly, after Medivh disappeared.$B$BThis report details my findings. Take it to Archmage Cedric, also from the Violet Eye; you will find him in the outskirts of Dalaran.


Alturus entrusted you with this information? That old fool.$B$BI suppose the damage is done, we might as well make use of you. I suppose you will cooperate?

You know of the Violet Eye? You do not look familiar.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 6250 experience
  • 75 reputation with The Violet Eye