Invaluable Asset Zapping

Use the Ultra Deconsolodation Zapper to beam the Hyper Rotational Dig-A-Matic, Servo-Pneumatic Dredging Claw, Multi-Spectrum Terrain Analyzer, and the Big Wagon Full of Explosives back to Area 52. Then report to Lead Sapper Blastfizzle at the eastern end of the fissure that runs through Area 52 in the Netherstorm.

See the fissure running through Area 52? We did that! $B$BIt's yielding up all sorts of goodies for the X-52 Nether-Rocket, but we're running short on equipment.$B$BWe had an operation at the Arklon Ruins to the southeast until the Burning Legion moved in. I need you to take this Ultra Deconsolodation Zapper to the ruins. Use it to beam our gear back to Lead Sapper Blastfizzle down in the fissure.$B$BJunior Technician 3rd Grade $N, this is your chance for that promotion. Don't blow it!



Isn't this place great? And everyday yields something new and exotic!$B$BWhat a stroke of luck that we nearly destroyed the town digging down here.

You must be the one that zapped all of that sapping equipment back to us here from the ruins! Hooray for you!$B$BI've already reallocated the equipment out to our other locations. Now we'll be able to expedite our fissure operations on this whole island by an order of magnitude! The nether-rocket will be completed in no time!$B$BHmmm, that's odd. Wait a minute, did you say that you sent four things back to us? I only got three...

    You will receive:

    4 Gold
    10 Silver
    11 Gold
    48 Silver
    at max level)


    Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

    • 12300 experience