Trek to Ashenvale

Find Raene Wolfrunner in Ashenvale.

$N, my mistress, Raene Wolfrunner, awaits you in the city of Astranaar within Ashenvale. With your help, perhaps we can at least ease some of the corruption that's taken hold there.$B$BHead south from here and stay close to the road--you'll find your way there without issue if you follow those directions.



Ah, a $C from Darkshore. Selarin has done well to send you here so quickly, $N. I wish your trip here wasn't under such dire stress. Perhaps with your help we can improve matters.$B$BI would start my visit by speaking to the other citizens of Astranaar. Some could surely use your aid.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 370 experience
  • 25 reputation with Darnassus