Buzzbox 827

Collect 6 Crawler Legs and place them in Buzzbox 827.

Hey! Help me with my latest invention, the buzzbox. You can talk to people far away!$B$BMaybe you've already seen them, they're boxes with levers on them. The only problem is they need constant maintenance.$B$BEach one suffers from a different problem, but I made a really smart decision. I placed each one near creatures that have the proper parts to fix that particular machine. Right now Buzzbox 827 is on the fritz. It's just south of Auberdine, real close. It takes 6 Crawler Legs to fix it. I'll pay ya...



Buzzbox 827 sits with an eerie silence. A single flashing light indicates that it needs 6 Crawler Legs to be placed in its holding box.

As you place the Crawler Legs inside the machine, you hear gears begin to grind. Judging from the banging sounds coming from the Buzzbox, you believe the Crawler Legs are being put in their proper place. Soon the machine begins to hum, and you hear a tiny voice calling out from within.$B$B"Hello? Uhh... Hello! You fixed it! This is Wizbang by the way! Thanks a lot... Hey, you wouldn't want to fix another one, would ya?"

You will receive:

3 Silver
50 Copper
8 Silver
60 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 850 experience
  • 250 reputation with Gnomeregan Exiles
Quest Item Drops