For Love Eternal

Free the spirit of Anaya Dawnrunner and bring her pendant back to Cerellean Whiteclaw in Auberdine.

In the aftermath of the battles at the Well of Eternity, I heard that Ameth'Aran had been destroyed, its people dead, including my love, Anaya.$B$BI would never have thought, thousands of years later, that memories of Anaya would still haunt my dreams. Wandering the woods of Darkshore in a stupor, I found myself in the ruins of Ameth'Aran... where I saw the haunted spirit of my beloved.$B$BShe must be freed, but I lack the heart to do it. Her spirit must be destroyed.



With a great sorrow in my heart, I followed the Shan'do Stormrage into hibernation, and took my sorrow to my dreams, sleeping for the passing of thousands of years.

Thank you, $n. Perhaps it would have been better... if I had done it myself. But even after these thousands of years, I could not bear to raise my hand against my beloved.$B$BPlease, I would be alone with my grief...


You will also get these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 875 experience
  • 150 reputation with Darnassus
Quest Item Drops

Anaya Dawnrunner

Anaya's Pendant