Earthshatter Headpiece

Rimblat Earthshatter at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands will make an Earthshatter Headpiece if you bring him the following: 1 Desecrated Headpiece, 15 Wartorn Chain Scraps, 4 Arcanite Bars and 2 Nexus Crystals.

Would you honor me by returning the armor of those that fell in the defense of these lands?$B$BThe armor has been desecrated and is undoubtedly being used for evil; however, with wartorn armor scraps, the desecrated armor can be renewed and worn for battle once more.$B$BBring me the remnants of the fallen along with purification materials and Earthshatter shall be yours to don.$B$BSearch Naxxramas.


You got some missing parts for the quest please go and get them all!

Exellent $N !$B , you got everything just as i asked and now i can make a Earthshatter Headpiece.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:


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