The Angry Scytheclaws

Kill Sunscale raptors and collect their feathers. Use the feathers on the 3 Scytheclaw nests. Return to Sergra Darkthorn in the Crossroads.

Now, $N, the hunt deepens. Now you must defeat your prey, and then find your way to its lair.$B$BHunt the sunscale raptors to the south. Slay them and remove the feathers they wear. Place the feathers on the scytheclaw nests southwest of the Stagnant Oasis. Show their brethren you do not fear them!



Have you been to the nests, $N?

Is your task finished? Ponder the life of the Scytheclaw as you do it. There are important lessons within every creature's lifespawn. $B$BSome of the others believe I have been too heavy handed in my lesson. I know that you are simply following my orders, but I want you to consider the life of the creatures you are slaughtering. $B$BThough they are at times a nuisance, they only become threatening when we seek their slaughter. This days defilement will cause us more trouble than it will solve problems...

You will receive:

9 Silver
16 Silver
50 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1250 experience
  • 250 reputation with Orgrimmar