Centaur Bracers

Bring 15 Centaur Bracers to Regthar Deathgate, west of the Crossroads.

The Kolkar are a threat to the Horde's claims in the Barrens; we must reduce the numbers of their troops. And so, I have a bounty task for you.$B$BWhile in Kolkar territories, slay their warriors and collect centaur bracers. Return when you have a heap of bracers and the Horde will reward you well.



How goes your hunting, $N?

Nicely done. I'm sure you've struck fear into the surviving centaurs, $N. If they have sense, they'll now calm themselves and stop their advances.$B$BBut I don't think they will, and that is unfortunate.$B$BUnfortunate...for them.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will also receive:

12 Silver
50 Copper


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1250 experience
  • 350 reputation with Orgrimmar
Quest Item Drops