Revenge of Gann

Gann Stonespire wants you to bring him 6 vials of Nitroglycerin, 6 bundles of Wood Pulp, and 6 samples of Sodium Nitrate.

It is clear the prospector depended on explosives and those noisy vehicles to rip the ground apart. We can expect a new foreman to take over soon.$B$BI want to give the dwarves a taste of their own medicine. According to these plans if we combine nitroglycerin with wood pulp and sodium nitrate we can create an explosive charge. The rifleman, soldiers and officers in the Keep are known to have the supplies.$B$BCollect these items and bring them to me. I will fashion a charge that the dwarves won't forget!



I see you are back, $N.$B$BWhile Khazgorm's death might delay the digging in my ancestral lands some, it will by no means bring a total end to the destruction.$B$BThe Keep at Bael Modan is an increasing military threat. Built to defend the dig site, it is now poised for offensive force as well.$B$BIf you have the ingredients I requested, I can fashion a charge that will make the hasty dwarves reconsider their actions here in the Barrens.

I see you are quite industrious, $C.$B$BNo doubt we shall soon have a fitting surprise for those dwarves.

You will receive:

20 Silver
32 Silver
60 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2100 experience
  • 250 reputation with Thunder Bluff
Quest Item Drops