Attunement to the Core

Venture to the Molten Core entry portal in Blackrock Depths and recover a Core Fragment. Return to Lothos Riftwaker in Blackrock Mountain when you have recovered the Core Fragment.

Rifts stir, tear, and collapse all around us, $r. Not two paces from where I stand is a tear leading through the depths of Blackrock Mountain, into the maw of the Firelord.$B$BSurprised? Pity... The mortal races cannot comprehend that which they cannot see, touch, or feel.$B$BI assure you, the portal is there and access is possible.$B$BI've piqued your interest? Attunement is simple. Venture into Blackrock Depths and retrieve a core fragment. Return it to me and I shall attune your essence with the portal.


You must attune your soul with the Molten Core before access is granted.

I am now able to transport you to the Molten Core. Ask and it shall be done.


    Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

    • 6600 experience
    Quest Item Drops

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