The Absent Minded Prospector

Travel south and check on Prospector Remtravel.

What an honor it was when Master Greywhisker assigned me to work under the guidance of the great Prospector Remtravel. At the academy in Ironforge everyone knew of Remtravel's great discoveries.$B$BBut the prospector is rather... um... oblivious his surroundings.$B$BWe had uncovered evidence of a great society. Horrible golems sprang forth from the ground and overran the site. Remtravel never seemed to notice. I ran back to Auberdine for help.$B$BPlease travel south and see if the prospector is okay!



Hollee. is that you? I need some help chiseling this stone. Hand me my stone brush, I think I see something.$B$BHey, you're not Hollee! Don't suppose you've seen my stone brush?$B$BNever mind that now! I promised the League I'd send the mysterious fossil I found. Where did Hollee go?$B$BSo much work to be done! Now where is that mysterious fossil... and my brush... and Hollee...$B$BAnd who are you... 'tis no matter, so long as you're here to help.$B$BLet me know when you're ready to start looking.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1150 experience
  • 150 reputation with Ironforge