A Bundle of Hides

Bring the Bundle of Hides to the wind rider master Devrak in the Crossroads.

I have a bundle of hides from the animals of the Barrens, and must get them to Thunder Bluff. A colleague there, Ahanu, will use the hides to create leather goods.$B$BWill you take the hides to him for me?$B$BThe quickest way to Thunder Bluff is on the back of a wind rider. Bring the bundle of hides to Devrak, our wind rider master in the Crossroads, and speak to him about transport to Thunder Bluff.



Are you here for a wind rider? You have something to transport?

If you must take these hides to Thunder Bluff, then you are speaking to the right orc!

    You will receive:

    2 Silver
    10 Copper


    Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

    • 210 experience
    • 25 reputation with Thunder Bluff
    Quest Item Drops

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