Order Must Be Restored

Assemble an army and travel to the Eastern Plaguelands. Launch a full assault on Nathanos Blightcaller and any Horde filth that may attempt to protect him.$B$BKeep your wits about you, $N. The Horde will defend the ranger lord with their very lives.

Do you know how many ranger lords exist in this world? How many human ranger lords have ever existed?$B$BNathanos' accomplishments were unprecedented. He was a tactical genius, responsible for Alliance victories spanning a decade of conflict.$B$BAnd now... the champion of the Forsaken.$B$BNo. This cannot be. Order must be restored.$B$BGather an army, $N. Return to the Plagues with your army and destroy the Blightcaller.$B$BI wish you luck, $N. Truly, you will need it for this battle.



It is a tragedy. I think... I believe that our kind is cursed, $N. We are cursed to lose our greatest warriors; our most noble heroes; our most gifted scholars.$B$BWe are indebted to you and I assure you, $N, wherever Nathanos Marris is now, he smiles down upon you.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 9950 experience