Hemet Nesingwary

Take Kravel's Crate to Hemet Nesingwary in Stranglethorn.

I have a package for an old customer of mine, a dwarf named Hemet Nesingwary. The package took weeks to arrive, and Hemet's long gone by now. He said he was going to Stranglethorn to hunt the beasts there, but he left me some money to send his delivery when I could. $B$BHemet's a rich dwarf and it's a good idea to keep up relations with the rich ones, yeah? So... you want to deliver the package for me?$B$BI heard Hemet has a camp in Stranglethorn, north of Grom'gol.



Is that desert dust on your collar?$B$BHm... if my nose tells true, I'd say it's not desert dust, it's desert salt! Been to the Shimmering Flats, have you?

Great, my package from Koalbeard! Thank you $N. This crate holds special-gauge ammunition, and it'll serve us well out in the jungle!$B$BHere's your pay, and tell me, how is crusty old Kravel these days? Still up to no good I'd wager...

You will receive:

30 Silver
37 Silver
50 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1250 experience