Sacred Fire

Gather 10 bushels of Incendia Agave, and then consult Magatha Grimtotem on Elder Rise in Thunderbluff.

Arikara is a deadly creature that must be dealt with swiftly. In order to hunt her down you will need to light the sacred fire of life - this will summon Arikara.$B$BGo now and harvest the rare Incendia agave plant. Once you have harvested enough agave, seek council with Magatha Grimtotem on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. She is a powerful shaman that can enchant the agave plant to create a powder that will light the fire.$B$BTravel northeast to the Boiling Pool and gather Incendia Agave.



So, Motega Firemain sends word of Arikara...well now that is grave news.$B$B$B$BArikara is a deadly creature born only to seek vengeance against those who have committed heinous acts.$B$B

Good, you have gathered the essential amount of Incendia agave. This rare herb found only in Thousand Needles will help light the dormant sacred fire of life.$B$B

You will receive:

22 Silver
35 Silver
20 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2200 experience