Elixir of Suffering

Apothecary Lydon of Tarren Mill wants 10 Gray Bear Tongues and some Creeper Ichor.

Ah, another wretched day in Tarren Mill. All of this clean air puts me in such a foul mood, $N.$B$BThe sooner we can plague the humans here, the better. I've been conducting intense studies on possible killing agents to use in my concoctions but I haven't the time to collect them all.$B$BIf you want to make yourself of use, procure the following items for me: 10 Gray Bear Tongues and the very rare and hard to find, Creeper Ichor. You'll find both bears and creepers just outside of Tarren Mill.



I see you are back. I hope you were able to gather the agents I need. Another deathless day will put me in such a gloomy mood.

These specimens are perfect. Well, $N, you have managed to bring me the slightest hint of joy on yet another miserable day. Your efforts are appreciated.

You will receive:

1 Silver
50 Copper
2 Silver
58 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 180 experience
  • 25 reputation with Undercity
Quest Item Drops