Fall of Dun Modr

Search for Longbraid near the town of Dun Modr.

Dun Modr has fallen to the Dark Iron Dwarves!$B$BMy wounds are grave, $c. Most of the regiment was killed! The Dark Iron thugs attacked us before we could regroup from the Thandol Span ambush.$B$BOur leader, Longbraid, sounded the retreat horn. As we left the town I was hit by a stray axe in the back. All went black.$B$BI awoke here in Menethil but I fear for my fellow soldiers. Hope still burns within me. Perhaps Longbraid is still alive! See if you can find him near Dun Modr, $r!



What brave $C sends word from Menethil? Ah $N, they call you.$B$BYou bring hope to a hopeless situation. 'Tis good news indeed that young Harlo survived. While fleeing he received a grievous wound. We had but little time to send him on his way on the back of the only surviving steed with the regiment.$B$BBut now we face a perilous situation. Dun Modr has fallen and we are but a shadow of the great regiment we once were.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1000 experience
  • 75 reputation with Ironforge