A Fishy Peril

Remy "Two Times" wants you to speak with Marshal Dughan in Goldshire.

$N, there's a new threat in Elwynn Forest! Murlocs are swimming up the streams of eastern Elwynn, scaring away fish and attacking gentle folk!$B$BI warned Marshal Dughan, but he's more worried about the gnolls and the bandits. He's not convinced that the murlocs are a danger.$B$BPlease, $N, speak to Dughan and persuade him to send more troops to the east!



Yes, I spoke with Remy. I respect him as a merchant, though all reports of Murlocs to the east have been sketchy at best.$B$BYour concerns are noted, but unless I receive a military report of a murloc threat, we can't afford to send more troops east.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 85 experience
  • 10 reputation with Stormwind