In Search of The Excavation Team

Return to Tarrel Rockweaver with Merrin's note.

It was horrible! We were uncovering some rare artifacts and we began to discover these large bones.$B$BBefore we knew what was happening, these Mottled Raptors overwhelmed the dig site. Many lives were lost.$B$BOrmer here -- so brave -- saved the Prospector and me. He defended us as we ran for shelter. Now we are trapped. And our hard work lies in ruin.$B$BHere, take this note back to my sweet Tarrel. It will explain the situation to him.



Were you able to find Merrin? Did she send word?

Such horrible news! At least 3 of them survived. But when will the killing end? I long for the day when King Magni's subjects can live without fear.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 490 experience
  • 25 reputation with Ironforge