A Dark Threat Looms

Ashlan Stonesmirk wants you to return to Chief Engineer Hinderweir and inform him of the new discovery.

This ain't no ordinary blast powder. Look at the tiny silver crystals. And the distinct smell! Why it's clear as daylight that this is Seaforium Powder. Seaforium is harmless enough. But once it's wet it could blow Ironforge out of the mountain.$B$BThe chemical reaction can be defused by mixing four components: lurker venom, crushed Mo'Grosh crystal, a crocolisk tear and this disarming colloid. Now tell Hinderweir before it's too late!



What is that you bring from Ashlan?

A disarming colloid? For Seaforium? Oh heavens!

    You will receive:

    3 Silver
    40 Copper


    Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

    • 340 experience
    • 25 reputation with Ironforge
    Quest Item Drops

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