Seeking Wisdom

Give Jitters' Completed Journal to Bishop Farthing in Stormwind.

Go to the city of Stormwind and speak with Bishop Farthing in the Cathedral of Light. Give him Jitters' journal and tell him you mean to face Morbent Fel.$B$BAlthough Stormwind has forsaken Darkshire, Farthing is a kind soul and very wise. He may help you on your quest to save us.$B$BYour mission is perilous, but hurry, $N. With each passing hour, the shadows of Duskwood grow ever darker.



Rest, $gbrother:sister;. I can tell you have traveled far, and you bear a heavy burden. Can you tell me what casts that dark shadow over you?

$B$BAn evil taint has gained a foothold within the already beleaguered Duskwood. I thank the Light we have a hero such as you to face it.$B$BBut you must first prepare yourself for the coming trial...for the Necromancer Morbent Fel is immensely powerful, and has cast dark enchantments about himself to protect him from physical assaults. If you are to defeat him, you will need a weapon that is proof against these protections.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 600 experience
  • 25 reputation with Stormwind