The Affray

Kill Big Will, then speak to Klannoc Macleod on Fray Island.

If you want to learn from me, then you must first pass The Affray. It is a challenge we on Fray Island like to offer rising warriors who think they're tough, and if you can pass this test then I'll know you are.$B$BTo begin, walk into the middle of that crowd yonder and step on the grate. That'll tell Twiggy Flathead you're ready, and he'll send challengers against you.$B$BBeat all the challengers and he'll call out Big Will. Kill Big Will, and return to me in the time we allow.



Have you completed your challenge?

Well done, $N. You have passed The Affray!$B$BYou are a worthy warrior, and I am honored to teach you...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2450 experience