The Tome of Divinity

Search the Trade District of Stormwind for Stephanie Turner.

Your task then, $N, is to find someone here in Stormwind that is in need of aid. Someone who is pure of heart and motive. Perhaps someone helping others. Perhaps someone in need of a guide. Regardless, the person must have noble intent and be relying on your kindness.$B$BDo this, and return to me when you are finished. Then, we shall discuss more of your path and what it means to be a paladin of the Light.



Oh, hello, luv. How go your adventures? Oh, I'm so glad to hear you're doing well.$B$BOh, me? Thank you for asking--I'm doing well, all things considered.$B$BThe increase in tradesmen has kind of put a damper on the amount of leather and cloth people are willing to part with these days, so it's been tougher to make clothing for the children at the orphanage, but we'll manage. By "we" I mean my husband and I. He's up in Ironforge trying to seek help from the citizens there.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 460 experience