Rise of the Silithid

Take the Insect Analysis Report to Gracina Spiritmight in Darnassus.

I urge you to take this report to someone who has working knowledge in this kind of thing.$B$BI know this night elf scholar named Gracina Spiritmight. She's spent a lot of time studying life forms that are unique to the ecology of Azeroth; she's a historian to boot! If you want someone to help figure out what exactly this threat is, and more importantly how to stop it, give her the report. We'll need the help.$B$BLast I heard, she was residing in the Temple of the Moon, located in Darnassus.



Peace and tranquility be upon you, stranger. Why have you sought me out this day?

This report... we night elves know of the terror mentioned here. Fizzledowser was wise to send this, and you, to me.$B$BThese creatures will consume the Tanaris desert rapidly; they are nothing short of one of the greatest menaces we all will ever face. Familiarize yourself with this name, $n: silithid. The insects mentioned here are the silithid, and they are the tools of one of the greatest threats that both the Horde and Alliance face.$B$BIf only we were smart enough to see that before.

    You will receive:

    57 Silver


    Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

    • 5700 experience
    • 350 reputation with Ironforge
    • 350 reputation with Gnomeregan Exiles
    • 350 reputation with Darnassus
    • 350 reputation with Gadgetzan
    Quest Item Drops

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