Ghost Hair Thread

Bring the Spectral Comb to Blind Mary.

There is a poor, sad spirit, Blind Mary, who haunts an old farm house in the hills south of Darkshire.$B$BHere, take this Spectral Comb and ask Blind Mary to comb her hair. Then bring back the comb and I will glean from it the Ghost Hair I'll need for the thread.$B$BAnd take care, for dark things now lurk near that house...



Oh please, don't look at me! I tore out these eyes with my own hands, but I can still feel your gaze!$B$BI'm hideous! Hideous! Please, look away!!

What is this? A comb? It's lovely! And it glides through my hair as if it weren't the stiff, stringy horror that it is.$B$BOh, if only I had a mirror...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 490 experience