Ghoulish Effigy

Gather 7 Ghoul Ribs and bring them to Abercrombie at his shack.

I live so far from the protection of town, it's a wonder the ghouls and the walking dead haven't eaten me! In fact, just yesterday a pack of Bone Chewers was pounding on the walls of my house!$B$BI want to make an effigy - a kind of "scarecrow" for Ghouls. To do that I need some Ghoul Ribs. You can get them from Flesh Eaters, Bone Chewers, Brain Eaters, Rotted Ones and Plague Spreaders.$B$BGet the ribs for me, and I will repay you with some coin.



I think I hear a pack of Ghouls scurrying around the back of the house - I better put that effigy up quick! Did you get those Ghoul Ribs for me?

Ah, thanks. These will do just the trick!

You will receive:

22 Silver
31 Silver
90 Copper
at max level)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1650 experience
Quest Item Drops