Highperch Venom

Bring 10 Highperch Venom Sacs to Fiora Longears in Theramore.

As you may know, wyverns are often tamed by orcs for use as mounts. But what is less known is that the venom of a wyvern, in some circles, is more valuable than the beast itself. So if you're not afraid to do a little wyvern hunting, then... I have a job for you.$B$BThere is a place called Highperch in the land of a Thousand Needles, west of here. The Highperch wyverns have a potent venom. Potent, and valuable.



Did you find Highperch, $N? Any luck with the wyverns there?

Ah, most of these are nearly bursting with venom, $N. Such are normally only gathered from young wyverns, or fertile females. It must have been quite a slaughter up there in Highperch!


You will also get these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3650 experience
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