The Coastal Menace

Bring a scale of Old Murk-Eye to Captain Grayson at the Westfall Lighthouse.

When my life was ended upon the rocks, I had no clue what the afterlife held for me. The Lighthouse was black that night because Old Murk-Eye had scared the keeper's family off. They returned and re-lit the flame but Old Murk-Eye coerced the weaker minded murlocs to raid the Lighthouse with him once again. The second time the family was not so lucky and before my eyes they perished helplessly.$B$BSlay Old Murk-Eye if you see him along the shore and bring me one of his scales and I shall reward you.



Have you laid waste to the menace known as Old Murk-Eye yet? He has been spotted roaming the coastline of Westfall.$B$BReturn to me when the foul beast is dead.

So the foul heathen, Murk-Eye is dead. Well done, $N. By your hands one life was laid to rest but perhaps many more were saved. The Great Sea, wrought with danger as it is, shall be a wee bit safer this night thanks to your heroics.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1550 experience
Quest Item Drops

Old Murk-Eye

Scale of Old Murk-Eye