Earthshatter Headpiece

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Earthshatter Headpiece

Earthshatter Headpiece

Item Level 88

Binds when picked up



449 Armor

+30 Intellect

+26 Stamina

Durability 85 / 85


Requires Level 60

Equip: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 68.

Equip: Restores 8 mana per 5 sec.

The Earthshatterer (0/9)

  Earthshatter Tunic

  Earthshatter Legguards

  Earthshatter Headpiece

  Earthshatter Spaulders

  Earthshatter Boots

  Earthshatter Handguards

  Earthshatter Girdle

  Earthshatter Wristguards

  Ring of the Earthshatterer

(2) Set: Reduces the mana cost of your totem spells by 12%.

(8) Set: Your Lightning Shield spell also grants you 15 mana per 5 sec. while active.

(6) Set: Your Healing Wave and Lesser Healing Wave spells have a chance to imbue your target with Totemic Power.

(4) Set: Increases the mana gained from your Mana Spring totems by 25%.

Sell Price:
11 Gold
49 Silver
49 Copper
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    Found in Naxxramas
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    Minimum Level 60
  • Sells for

    11 Gold
    49 Silver
    49 Copper


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