Dragonstalker's Greaves

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Dragonstalker's Greaves

Dragonstalker's Greaves

Item Level 76

Binds when picked up



332 Armor

+30 Agility

+6 Intellect

+6 Spirit

+15 Stamina

+10 Fire Resistance

Durability 70 / 70


Requires Level 60

Dragonstalker Armor (0/8)

  Dragonstalker's Bracers

  Dragonstalker's Belt

  Dragonstalker's Spaulders

  Dragonstalker's Legguards

  Dragonstalker's Helm

  Dragonstalker's Gauntlets

  Dragonstalker's Greaves

  Dragonstalker's Breastplate

(5) Set: Increases your pet's stamina by 40 and all spell resistances by 60.

(3) Set: Increases the Ranged Attack Power bonus of your Aspect of the Hawk by 20%.

(8) Set: You have a chance whenever you deal ranged damage to apply an Expose Weakness effect to the target. Expose Weakness increases the Ranged Attack Power of all attackers against that target by 450 for 7 seconds.

Sell Price:
6 Gold
71 Silver
78 Copper
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    Found in Blackwing Lair
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    Minimum Level 60